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"Dogs are our link to paradise. They don't know evil or jealousy or discontent. To sit with a dog on a hillside on a glorious afternoon is to be back in Eden, where doing nothing was not boring -- it was peace." - Milan Kundera



dogsafe_certifiedIn September 2009 I moved to Canada and it changed my entire life. It was destiny that I ended up working in a doggy daycare in October 2009, and it was the best thing that ever happened to me! To be surrounded by dogs all day long and to experience their energy was new and amazing to me.

I grew up with dogs and adopted my beautiful Border Collie cross in 2008. She is my girl and my sunshine. Her little brother, a Boston Terrier, joined our family in 2009. He is the man in the house or at least he likes to think so. I feel truly blessed to spend my days with those two.

With my almost 20 years of customer service experience, 4 of which I spent in a dog daycare environment, I can truly say dogs are the best customers. They are honest, demanding, challenging, surprising…and every day is different! It is never boring!

I truly believe in giving back all the love and joy I am given by dogs every day. I’m a very lucky person to know what fulfills me in my day-to-day life, and I’m thankful to all the dogs I have met and will meet because I know they have changed and will continue to change my life and make me a better person!

Dogs and their owners are like friends or extended family: it’s about building relationships and exchanging knowledge. I enjoy keeping owners updated on their dogs, and I like sharing anecdotes of my time with their dogs with them so they know what I am learning about their dogs. This regular communication between the owners and me allows all of us to understand our dogs even better.

I am excited to be able to spend my days with the great dogs and owners I’ve already met and will meet over the next few years.

I would welcome the opportunity to meet you and your dog for a free consultation to see what is best for you and your dog.



If you are looking for a fun, safe and exciting experience for your dog, then you`ve come to the right place!

Private Walks:

For dogs that enjoy the one-on-one quality time we offer private dog walks in your neighbourhood. During the walk we will not only ensure your dog gets sufficient exercise, we will also ensure that he gets enough stimulation to make him mentally tired, as we all know tired dogs are happy dogs. And most of all he will be loved and cared for as if he were our own!

Private Walks

 incl. GST $/walk
20 – 30 min private walk $20.00  $20.00
10 pack $195.00  $19.50
20 pack $350.00  $17.50
45 – 60 min private walk $32.50  $32.50
10 pack $300.00  $30.00
20 pack $570.00  $28.50

Walks for 2 or More Dogs from the Same Family

20 – 30 min walk for 2 dogs same family $27.50 $27.50
10 pack $260.00 $26.00
20 pack $515.00 $25.75
45 – 60 min walk for 2 dog same family $40.00 $40.00
10 pack $390.00 $39.00
20 pack $760.00 $38.00


Group Walks:

If your dog is a social butterfly and prefers to walk with friends our group walks will be the right fit.

We will walk up to 4 small dogs and up to 3 medium/large dogs at a time. As with the private walks the goal is to give your dog plenty of exercise along with mental stimulation. All dogs will be screened before they can join a group walk to ensure the safety of the group. Group walks can only be offered to dogs living/staying within a 3km radius.

 Group Walks

 incl. GST $/walk
20 – 30 min group walk $17.50 $17.50
10 pack $175.00 $17.50
20 pack $320.00 $16.00
45 – 60 min group walk $24.50 $24.50
10 pack $240.00 $24.00
20 pack $440.00 $22.00


Service Areas:

We offer walks for the following areas: White rock & South Surrey

Should you be interested in our dog walking service but do not live within the areas listed above please contact us for further information.